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Home Remedies for Problem Skin

Everyone experiences chapped lips, dry patches, dull skin, or red, irritated skin at some point in their lives. While it is impossible to avoid skin issues altogether, it is possible to make simple dietary and lifestyle changes that promote healthy skin and to address skin problems with either commercial products or do-it-yourself home remedies.

The basis of good skin health starts on the inside. Our overall health and wellness is reflected in our skin, and what we do and do not put in our bodies affects our skinÂ’s clarity and appearance. Because of this, any skin care routine should start with a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and lean protein sources. A balanced, varied diet will help to ensure that your body receives the nutrients it needs to function properly, which will also help to ensure that your skin cells are functioning optimally.

It is also important to stay hydrated with skin-healthy beverage options, such as water and green tea, and to avoid bad habits that can affect your complexion, such as smoking, excessive drinking, drug use and too many late nights out leading to lack of sleep.

Aside from these basic lifestyle changes that can improve the look and health of your skin, there are also simple home remedies you can use to address specific skin problems that might arise.

Home Remedies for Skin Problems: Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are a common problem that ranges from annoying to painful and unsightly. However, this is one skin problem that is easy to remedy at home with nothing more than a toothbrush or washcloth, a moisturizing agent and some lip balm. Before going to bed, gently exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush or washcloth. After exfoliating, apply your favorite lip balm, a small amount of olive oil or petroleum jelly to help your lips better retain moisture. Remember to always wear spf lip balm when outdoors and to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated – since dehydration can worsen chapped lips.

Home Remedies for Skin Problems: Dull Complexion

A dull complexion can be remedied by removing dead skin cells through gentle exfoliation, which can bring back your skinÂ’s youthful glow. You can make your own exfoliating concoction at home by mixing finely ground oatmeal with water to form a paste or by mashing the fruit of a papaya in a bowl. Either of these homemade exfoliation remedies can then be applied to the face with a gentle, circular motion to remove dead skin cells and reveal the new, fresh skin below.

Home Remedies for Skin Problems: Red, Irritated Skin

Skin redness and irritation can occur on the face or on other parts of the body. If you have red, irritated or itchy skin anywhere other than your face, you can relieve this skin problem by soaking in a warm bath that includes baking soda or oatmeal. These home remedies can even help relieve the sting of sunburn.

If you have facial redness or irritation, you can cool and soothe the area by placing a slice of cucumber directly on the problem spot or by creating a facial mask with finely ground oatmeal mixed with water to form a paste.

Home Remedies for Skin Problems: Dry Skin

Dry skin is another issue that can be relieved with simple, homemade remedies. Oatmeal and avocado are both great for dry skin, making a simple facial mask of mashed avocado or oatmeal mixed with water or honey an easy, affordable way to rehydrate your skin and restore your glowing complexion.

Once you have used these home remedies to achieve glowing, healthy skin, remember to keep your skin protected by always using sunscreen when outdoors.

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